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About the Neuron Project

The Neuron Project is a unique high-grade carbon graphite opportunity, located near excellent mining infrastructure, right in the middle of the North American market just outside the mining city of Thompson, Manitoba Canada.

The graphite mineralization at Neuron was first recognized in a 1978 base metal exploration drill program testing conductive geophysical targets. A hole was reported to have a long interval of graphite mineralization with very high concentrations of near massive graphite with in the broad zone of disseminated and stringers of graphite.

This information remained buried in the Provincial archives until Mr. Mike Muzylowski, Chairman of Callinex Mines, recalled the drill hole from his days exploring that area, while learning about the tremendous demand projections for carbon graphite (Cg) with the growth of the electric vehicle and lithium Ion battery markets.

The link to an infographic piece on rise in the electric vehicles illustrating projected growth forecast for them we believe will drive the demand for graphite in the years to come.

In 2013 Callinex invested over $1.5 million into modern airborne geophysical surveying and a 12 hole diamond drill program to test the targets in the area where the 1978 hole was believed to have been drilled. In 10 of the 12 drill holes completed +3% carbon graphite was reported. High grade carbon graphite intervals within longer intervals of graphite mineralization were intersected in a number of the holes with some highlights with below.

Highlights from the 2014 drill program:

56m of 5.9% Cg which included 4.1m of 60.4% Cg in hole NEU003

55.8m of 5.4% Cg which included 7.7m of 17.9% Cg in hole NEU002

56.5m of 5.0% CG and a second interval of 7.7m of 18.5% Cg in hole NEU001


The discovery zone mineralization remains open at depth as well as laterally from the previous drill intercepts.

Global Li-Ion acquired the project from Callinex in late 2017. Following a review of the historical exploration information and more recent data and findings from the 2014 program the company has designed a follow up program. This program will drill the discovery zone mineralization to test its extension along strike as well as at depth. Along with the drilling the company plans to employ a ground based deep EM geophysical system capable of detecting additional mineralized bodies adjacent and beneath to the discovery zone mineralization. The program proposal has been submitted for permitting with the Manitoba Provincial Government and is awaiting approval.

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