Ambato-Arana, Eastern Madagascar

Ambato-Arana, Eastern Madagascar 2017-09-13T18:47:43+00:00

About the Madagascar Graphite Property

The three mining exploitation licenses that comprise the Project are located in the vicinity of Andasibe in Toamasina Province in Madagascar, near the major Ambatovy nickel/cobalt laterite open pit project which is about 20 km to the southwest. The nearest seaport is Toamasina, Madagascar’s main port, some 220 km by road.

The licenses total 4,375 hectares (10,811 acres). Graphite was produced on the licenses for roughly a century from about 1910 but in recent years production has been mothballed as the family operators have chosen to retire. The production has been free digging of lateritic ore and open pit mining access on hills, providing low cost exploitation without need for blasting.