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Global Li-Ion Graphite Corp. CSE: LION

Powering the Green Revolution

Global Li-Ion Corp. (CSE: LION) is an exploration and mineral development company that provides investors with a unique a chance to gain exposure to the graphite market, predicted to reach US$9.4 billion by 2025, via its high-quality mining property in Ambato-Arana, Eastern Madagascar.

Why Graphite?

Graphite is one of the most versatile non-metallic minerals, and is key in the production of everything from batteries to phones to brakes. The demand for graphite is set to skyrocket to $9.4 billion by 2025 as the number of electric vehicles increases. 60% of lithium-ion batteries include graphite, which is around 10 to 30 times more graphite than Lithium per battery. 

This has led Canada and the United States to declare graphite as a key strategic resource, essential to national security. Which, in turn, creates a unique opportunity for graphite companies like LION, and their investors.

The Lion Difference

Geographical Advantages

The location in Madagascar enables LION to easily supply graphite to battery manufacturers in North America, Europe, India or China; maximizing potential clients.

Minimal Startup Costs

The project already has much of the necessary infrastructure to start, and minimal capital will be required in order to begin operations again.

Proven Graphite Reserves

The Ambato Arana mine has produced high quality flake graphite up until 2012, and still has easily accessible untapped graphite reserves in the ground.

Flying Under The Radar

The project has a strong management team, a low market cap, and a solid structure. This reduces risk, and makes LION a unique opportunity for the right kind of investor.

The Ambato Arana Mine

A uniquely well-placed graphite opportunity

The Amabato Arana mine consists of 3 mining exploitation licenses located in the vicinity of Andasibe in Toamasina Province in Madagascar totaling 4,375 hectares (10,811 acres). It is well-connected, and just 220 km from the main seaport of Madagascar: Toamasina. Graphite was produced at the site until 2010, and there are still significant large flake size graphite reserves lying in situ. 

The mine can easily be reactivated once existing infrastructure is repaired and improved. 

Your Opportunity To Get In On The Graphite Boom

We are on the cusp of the energy revolution, and graphite will play a leading role in building the batteries that power it. There is a window of opportunity for companies like LION to help meet rising graphite demand, and for investors to get their piece of this growing market.

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